Attention Monster Killers Fans was a website active between 2010 and 2015 where “J Chastain” posted his comics. In early 2015 the domain expired, and unfortunately the newly transitioned “Kat Chastain” refuses to reupload the comics.

You’re probably here because you’re a fan of the series wondering where the comics went. Well now you know. Around 10% or so of the comics have been kept safely on, along with some stray panels around the internet. When I first found them I took all I could find and put them in a little package. UPDATE: As of 5/8/16 a big portion of comics were uploaded by an Anon on /co/ (thanks!), I have added those comics to the zipfile. The stories Lion Man, Super Dracula, Monster Killers, and Hell Hospital are all pretty much complete. There are still comics that are lost and the file has some of them in a folder called “Unorganized Tidbits”.
UPDATE 2: Thanks to an Anon in the comments we now have Mystery Bears and all of Scull! There’s still stuff missing, though.

This package also includes the only game made by J/Kat Chastain, “Rat Chaos”. There is also a game not included called “Goblet Grotto” that has art by Chastain. It’s absolutely insane and is most definitely inspired by the comics. You can get it here:

AFTERWORD: The main reason I made this is so I can attract someone who may have archived the whole Monster Killers site. If you are out there, please leave a comment below with an upload, or just your contact info if you aren’t sure about uploading yet.


Attention Monster Killers Fans